Our Team


William C. Polacek is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Tank & Container (ETC), a division of JWF Industries of Johnstown, PA.

Mr. Polacek started JWF Industries in 1987 as an owner/operator in a 30’ x 30’ two-car garage, creating an organization which currently employs approximately 460 employees, 1-million square feet of manufacturing space and subsidiary companies that also include JWF Defense Systems and J-Air Compressors of Johnstown; Atlantic Industrial & Mechanical, and Electrical, Inc. of Baltimore, MD (AIME);  and PCI Manufacturing Solutions of Sulphur Springs, TX.

Since 2011, ETC has developed and marketed 24 product lines in the oil and gas industries that were developed in cooperation with our customers to create durability, cost savings, and environmental adherence in this ever-changing market. ETC is proud to have received numerous patents with IP security for these products that move and store liquids while maintaining environmental security. In the power generation and chemical industries our ASME certifications has also enabled us to manufacture numerous products from sand separators to super loads.

Chris Rogers | Vice President of ETC


Chris has been with ETC for almost two years, and in that time, the company has seen an immense amount of growth. New to this role, Chris’ main objectives are to lead the development and communication of strategic vision and growth of ETC, and to manage that implementation through collaboration with all areas-Products, Systems, Services, and Accounts. He participates in formulating and administering company policies and directing and coordinating activities in order to establish and carry out long-range goals and objectives for business and profitability growth. Chris provides leadership and support to his team, and he executes strategic planning in the areas of engineering, sales, financial performance, and new product development to ensure continual success at ETC.

Christina Galasso | Business Development


Christina joined the ETC team in 2013. Prior to assuming her role at ETC, she was part of the parent company, JWF, for 15 years in various roles including Project Management, Customer Service, Procurement, and Sales.
In her role of Business Development, Christina generates new business to support continued revenue, identifies leads and opportunities, meets with clients and potential partners, and participates in networking events. She is responsible for completing appropriate research on the prospective client’s business needs. Christina has a passion for business development and continually drives sales while looking ahead to acquire new clients as well as growing our existing clients. Christina brings a strong sense of leadership to ETC and has the ability to manage multiple assignments under the pressure of deadlines and is always a phone call away.

Bill Teeter | Operations Manager


As the ETC Operations Manager, Bill is responsible for the effective and management of SQDIPP, including safety of all employees, quality control, and delivery performance to customers. He ensures safe and efficient operations for the day to day processes by enforcing all the policies and procedures. He provides supportive leadership to the employees for their personal development and ongoing success.

Dave Brazill | Supply Chain Lead


As a Supply Chain Lead, Dave is responsible for assisting ETC’s growth through corporate projects and the development of key relationships with ETC’s business partners. He works with suppliers to procure parts and raw materials for ETC’s product lines and custom builds. He also drives both internal and external improvement projects to enable more effective communication and the sharing of information. Dave is always looking for new suppliers with good lead times at a fair price!

Bob Lichtenfels | Quality Leader


Bob oversees the quality control department at ETC. He assesses customer specifications and requirements and ensures they are met. He is responsible for recording, analyzing and distributing statistical quality metrics to monitor performance; specifying quality requirements of incoming raw materials, along with material test reports. He is responsible for NDE testing in our shop and is certified to Level II ASNT Standards in PT/MT and VT. Bob also helps oversee our manufacturing audits which include ISO and ASME and completes all end of manufacturing reports and data books, along with developing work instructions. He performs First Article Inspections within our shop certifying that incoming parts from outside suppliers meet our requirements. Bob works hand in hand with our shop employees to make sure all processes and procedures as documented in quality control manual.

Bob Slippy | Production Planner and System Analyst


Bob has been with ETC for over 5 years as a Production Planner and System Analyst. In his time here, he has placed a great deal of effort in perfecting the day to day processes of ETC. He handles all of the paperwork; including times sheets, billings, work orders, invoices for customers and employees, and the sequential flow for all system procedures. Bob is the operations backbone of ETC.

Jim Loncella | Program Manager


Jim is the Program Manager and in this role he manages the energy and midstream programs for ETC. He develops, coordinates, maintains, and implements processes in all areas to ensure that compliance is met through process development, documentation, and communication. He also manages programs for JWF Defense Systems and direct-to-Federal Government programs. Jim specializes in programs that require formalized configuration management and integrated master schedules.

Andrew Molchany | Configuration Analyst


Andrew can often be found developing document databases for high-level projects or configuring ETC’s MRP system to optimize production flow. Hired in 2016, Andrew has become an integral part of our team, periodically serving as an estimator, project manager, or contract administrator. His flexibility has become a great resource for ETC.

Cory Brant | Engineer


Cory was hired as an engineer at ETC in August 2018.  He works as an estimator, a designer and a project manager.  Cory has 14 years of experience working with the oil and gas industry and is looking forward to what the future will bring here at ETC.

Nathan Ziants | ETC Intern

Nathan is a mechanical engineering intern at ETC. As a current student at UPJ, he is always looking for opportunities for improvement, and ETC has given him that opportunity. Every day, he works with the people, and I have learned so much from them in such a short time. He’s always excited to come to work because it’s a great atmosphere, and he gets to experience and learn more each day. Nathan is excited for the future, and hopes to continue with ETC upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree.