Mobile Pond

Your key to efficient, cost-effective water storage

MobilePond is built according to a rigorous standard, fully inspected and tested to ensure that every weld, connection plate and paint finish is the best in the industry. With a 30% smaller site footprint and easier mobilization and de-mobilization, the MobilePond saves you time and manpower when compared to setting up mobile frac tanks, allowing you to get your portable fluid storage units up and operating quickly. Additional savings is realized with minimal permitting, less road impact (93% fewer trucks than comparable mobile steel tanks), heating in only the most extreme temperatures and potential fines associated with leaking tank connections.

All ETC products are designed and built specifically to meet our customers’ requirements in our state-of-the-art facility, with complete in-house fabrication, steel shot blast and paint departments. A full charge quality control team ensures the highest quality and consistency which provides the end user a low-maintenance, long-term asset. Our equipment is built to provide you with a long-term investment while meeting the highest safety standards. ETC’s low-maintenance, portable design ensures that your investment can be used again and again. ETC’s MobilePond doesn’t completely eliminate the need for the standard mobile frac tanks but can significantly reduce the number of tanks needed on site, saving valuable time and resources.

The patented MobAssist™ is highly effective when assembling the Mobile Pond. Unlike conventional chains, it attaches to tele-handlers and slides easily into the panel-lifting apparatus, eliminating dangers created by windy conditions and resulting in safer and faster panel installation/demobilization.

Features & Specifications

  • 9,000/13,000/24,000/35,000/40,000 and 48,000 bbl capacities available
  • 10 to 20 modular panels—12′ tall by ~27′ long, weighing approximately 6400 lb
  • ASTM A36 14” plate steel panels
  • Engineered, overlapping connection plates
  • Eight temporary panel supports
  • One 10″ external (aluminum) suction line assembly
  • Two OSHA-compliant egress ladders
  • One observation ladder and platform
  • Six 3″ bolt-down panel mating clamps
  • 3″ x 3″ connection lugs with pins
  • Aluminum liner connection clamps (number varies with tank size)
  • Four 4″ fill pipes
  • Three 4″ recirculation lines with three-tier nozzles
  • Blast, external paint, customer color choice
  • All hardware needed to attach accessories