On-Site Storage Solution



ETC’s KwikTanks are designed to reduce transportation costs and provide the same heavy-duty strength found in steel bridges and buildings.



Staying with what structural engineers have used for decades, the joints on the KwikTank are virtually the same type of connections seen in steel bridges and buildings. By using 1 ¼” thick steel bolt flanges and structural-grade hardware, the heavy duty steel panels are joined together in the field using only an impact wrench and hand tools.

Easy Installation

Assembly times vary by tank size but most models are assembled in less than a day and require either a telehandler or crane for installation.

KwikTank Brochure

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Advantages of the Design

  • Requires only a compacted sub-base
  • Structural grade design (found in bridges and buildings)
  • Design work is certified and stamped by a licensed PE
  • Bolt-together connection reduces liner wear from wind loading
  • Reduction in transportation costs when compared to 500bbl frac tanks


  • 9,000 bbl
  • 12,000 bbl
  • 22,000 bbl
  • 26,000 bbl
  • 40,000 bbl
  • 46,000 bbl
  • 60,000 bbl

Standard Equipment

  • Four 4" fill lines
  • One 12" external 10GA suction line
  • One OSHA compliant egress ladder
  • One observation platform
  • All hardware required for assembly
  • Liner clamping system
  • Blasted and painted according to customer selected color


  • Custom ladders and walkways
  • Custom fill tube and suction tubes
  • Various liners
  • Insulated panels and covers

* Specifications subject to change without notification